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The Introduction Post

What is photography?

I’m a purist at heart, but i also love experimentation. My heart is in the past, but my head is in the future. Whatever you can use images to make, no matter how experimental should be embraced, celebrated and explored.

alternative photography

Photography is a vehicle, a means to communicate.

Photography shouldn’t be pigeonholed or beaten down. It isn’t a lesser form of art or a lesser form of anything. It is itself. Photography is fucking great. Its a tool, a medium, a part of your communicative armoury. Bend it, twist it, destroy it and rebuild it. Whatever you do, own it, its your thing.

I started this blog to share my passion, hopefully discover some new techniques along the way and maybe pass on a fee things ive picked up along the way. This post was important to write to capture a feeling. Its the start of a journey. Imagine if this blows up and has a million followers or is voted one of the best photography blogs in ths world. Imagine if it inspires a sixteen year old girl in india to pull out her dads old camera and start taking pictures, documenting her world abd telling her story. The possibilities are huge and thats whats so exciting to me. No matter what happens ill always have this post to look back on and remember. Imagine if Zuckerberg had written his thoughts on the day he launched Facebook. It would be the most read and talked about piece of content on the internet.

This blog is intended to be collaborative, so if you read something that isnt right, have wisdom to add to a post or want to share your own work then get in touch. My dream for this blog would for it to be the number one educational and inspirational blog. Not just a place for someone to dump work and expext praise. Everything submitted has to have the technique and process behind it. Knowledge should be shared and ideas developed. Yeah! I came up with that just now, sweet.

Full disclosure, i wrote this in november 2017. I probably published the blog in early 2016. It wasnt until then that i turned a corner in my life, coincidentally about the same time that i started going to therapy. Movember and mental health are causes dear to me, to read more aboit that check out the article i wrote about it here.

Let’s create, educate, share and inspire.

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